Preserve the Integrity of Your Montgomery County Home with Chimney Relining

Chimney repairs aren’t something anyone usually wants to invest in, but the good news with relining services is that it’s usually not something you will need to do more than once.

Once you have the right liner for your chimney and you continue with proper servicing to keep your chimney in good condition, you shouldn’t have to replace it again – as long as you keep the warranty in place with annual maintenance.

What Does Chimney Liner Installation Entail?

The process of installing a new flue liner can involve a variety of materials, like stainless steel, clay tile, and composite, depending on your system.

When it’s time to install your new liner, our experienced and certified chimney technicians will take measurements, assess the size and shape of the flue, select the best material for your needs and system, then carry out installation procedures. Rest assured – all proper precautions will be made to ensure your system is restored to its proper function.

Why Do I Need to Reline My Chimney?

The chimney liner functions as a protective barrier that increases the safety and efficiency of your chimney, as well as passes the muster with building codes in many areas. Chimney liners also protect the home from the smoke and hazardous gases produced by fire, as well as reduce the risk of a chimney fire.

Stock photo of new ribbed chimney liner looking down the inside.

In certain instances, such as when using a fireplace for burning wood, it’s absolutely essential to have a good lining system in place. Why? Wood produces more toxic smoke and carbon monoxide than other fuel sources and the flue allows that smoke and other potentially harmful substances to flow unimpeded out of the house. As long as the flue size is correct, the draft will work as designed to prevent them from entering back in and polluting the air quality inside.

This is why we can say confidently that a quality lining system can save you money on energy bills, while ensuring maximum safety, efficiency, and comfort for homeowners when using their available heating options.

What Are My Chimney Liner Options?

  • Clay Tile: Clay tile is the more traditional liner in masonry fireplaces. These are stacked and held together by mortar and can crack or crumble due to extreme heat. However, they are quite affordable and often easy to replace.
  • Metal (Aluminum): Metal liners (aluminum) resist corrosion over time and feature an insert panel that prevents sparks from entering crevices inside the liner wall. However, they do not normally carry lifetime warranties and will eventually need to be replaced.
  • Stainless Steel: Stainless steel provides even greater protection against temperature spikes and weather fluctuations, and it will definitely last a long time. These do come with lifetime warranties as long as they’re installed by a professional and you keep maintenance current on your system with yearly inspections and cleanings.
  • Cast-in-Place: Cast-in-place isn’t actually a liner. It is a clay liner repair system that comes with a lifetime warranty, as long as you have your annual inspections completed by a professional. This repair cuts the cost and time of replacing clay tiles.

Call On Us for Effective Lining Solutions

Ultimately, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to chimney liners. Factors like the type of unit, your budget, and the longevity of the liner have to be considered before making a purchase. If you decide to invest in a chimney liner that fits your home’s needs, you can rest assured that your fireplace and chimney will remain safer to operate for years to come.

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