Needing Masonry Services in Silver Spring? Chimney Masters Can Help.

We’ve got you covered for all your chimney and fireplace needs with our individualized and unique approach. Chimney Masters has proudly been serving folks living in Silver Spring, Silgo, Silver Spring Park, North Gate, Shepherd Park, Blair Portal, North Takoma Park, Colonial Village, Sligo Park Hills, and surrounding areas for over 30 years.

You just checked the local weather station and you see a lot of rain in the upcoming forecast. Then, you start to panic because you know your chimney masonry is already cracking and crumbling – which can cause leaks and other damage to your home – and now you’re worried that it’s going to crumble or crack even more and become a big problem.

Chimney Masters has over 30 years of experience and we understand that masonry jobs can be urgent. This is why we’re proud to offer a long list of chimney services that include masonry rebuilds, repairs, and restorations.

Have you called us in, but don’t want to listen to the noises involved with us working away? Well, one reason we love this area is that it has lots of great places for families to explore to get away from a house that’s overrun with chimney sweeps – like the lovely Silgo Creek Park, which is a great place for family walks.

Or if you like to add a little flavor to your outdoor fun, there’s Heyser Farms – we’ve heard wonderful things about their wine tasting experiences.

Is learning and science your favorite way to spend the day? Great news – the Silver Spring Library is a really awesome place to get all of your favorite books – and is a great place to turn if rain is still in the forecast. The National Museum of Health and Medicine is an interesting place to visit, too.

Silver Spring downtown area at dusk.  Lots of beautiful colors on the buildings and a 4 lane highway.

If you’re worried about leaving your home with us working away, we can promise you that you won’t be left second guessing what has been done – or what will be done! We like to walk our clients through the step-by-step process, letting them know everything that needs to be done beforehand.

If you need care in Silver Spring, Rock Creek Gardens, Rosemary Hills, or any other close-by area, we’re the team to call.

Why Masonry Cracks & Crumbles

Masonry is typically a very durable structure due to its unique construction techniques. But when it comes into contact with water and isn’t appropriately protected, issues can arise – like the freeze/thaw process.

What is the freeze/thaw process?

When temperatures drop down in the winter, moisture expands and freezes – and when temperatures rise up water thaws, leaving behind open cracks for more water to enter. When this process occurs over and over again, it puts excessive pressure on masonry, causing it to crack, spall, and break down.

Masonry damage can also happen due to collisions or impacts, corrosion, or weathering. All in all, usually a chimney will face some type of damages throughout its lifespan and need repairing – and Chimney Masters can help.

Rebuilding or Restoring a Chimney?

Chimney Masters has the tools and experience to provide both rebuilding and restoration services.

Tired of looking at an ugly chimney and want a brand new one built? No problem for us.

Wanting to restore an old chimney? Got that covered too!

We will help you with your initial consultation, hear your ideas, and go from there to get the job done right. And during this time, we can also walk you through the other services we offer, so that once this new chimney is up, we can help with any maintenance down the line.

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