Our Chimney Specialists Offer Chimney Flashing Repair

One of the worst types of problems a homeowner can have is a water leak – and because of the deceptive way water runs, you might not even know where the source of the leak lies. You can have a leak on one side of your house and think the water is coming in there, only to find out later the problem is on the other side of the house altogether. And it can take days, if not weeks at times, to figure out what the real issue is.

Well, if the originating problem i in or around the chimney, don’t hesitate to call Chimney Masters. We are trained and certified to be able to deal with all types of chimney-related leaks – including the flashing.

What Is Chimney Flashing?

Flashing is a barrier that helps keep water from entering the chimney. Without this protective measure, moisture can seep in and cause a range of problems, from water damage to mold and mildew accumulation. Flashing is in place to protect both the chimney and the roof. However, if the flashing is not done correctly, most of the damage done by water will be to the chimney system.

What Happens if My Chimney Flashing Is Leaking?

If the leak is slow and perseveres over time, you may not even notice there is an issue in the walls and structure for months, or even years. That’s why we tell you to get a thorough chimney inspection completed every year – and especially if you smell mildew coming from your system. Normally, if there is a smell, there is a reason behind it and it can very well be water intrusion.

In addition, when moisture has gotten inside the chimney, it can lead to the corrosion of metal components or the rotting out of wooden structures. Which means, without proper flashing, homeowners might find themselves dealing with some expensive repairs.

Stock photo of flashing repairs - new chase cover, flue and cap with homes in the background.

All in all, proper flashing can help ensure that the chimney lasts as long as possible and that any potential issues are caught early on before they worsen – making it not just an essential component of your home’s structure, but also an important part of its overall upkeep.

Can I Repair the Chimney Flashing Myself?

Chimney flashing is an important part of a home’s roofing system and a vital factor in preventing water damage to the interior of the chimney walls and, potentially, the attic. DIY repairs can seem like a cost-effective project for homeowners with the right technical skills and tools, but if your experience with roofing repair in relation to the chimney is limited, you should seriously consider hiring a qualified chimney professional for this job.

A professional chimney technician can assess the damage from storms and other elements and determine how best to repair the flashing. Along with reducing potential water damage, they can also ensure an efficient job is done and reduce or eliminate additional problems down the road.

So, like with almost any repair, the answer is yes, DIY is technically an option. However, the better question might be – should you repair the flashing? Probably not.

Who Should I Call to Repair Chimney Flashing?

Here at Chimney Masters, we’ve seen some really heartbreaking cases of leaky flashing over time that have triggered some really extensive damage to the interior structure of a home. Because of this, we urge our customers to always call a certified chimney company to help with flashing on the chimney if a leak is suspected.

We’ve seen extensive dripping, sheets of water falling down an adjacent wall, moist firebrick in the firebox, ceilings caving in around the chimney, and even a leak in a kitchen 20 feet from anything near the chimney – all of which originated because of faulty chimney flashing.

We’re Here for You

Don’t call a roofer when you suspect a chimney leak – call Chimney Masters at 301-972-9158. We have certified trained chimney technicians ready to come help get this issue resolved. You can also reach out online – thanks for choosing us.


Fixing your chimney leak may be as simple as installing a quality chimney cap...and we’re ready to take care of it for you.