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Chimney caps can either be a very simple topper or an elaborate aesthetic addition to the roof and chimney of a home, but they’re needed for more than just looks. In fact, chimney caps serve several very important functions that add value and protection to your chimney and venting system.

What Is a Chimney Cap’s Function?

The most obvious function of a chimney cap is their ability to prevent water from coming into your fireplace or heating system. When you consider that water is the #1 enemy of a fireplace, that’s a pretty important job. Secondly, if the cap also has a screen, it acts as a barrier between your flue and animals that may want to nest or get into your chimney system. These types of caps also act as spark arrestors and keep any sparks and lit debris from landing on your roof.

The larger chimney caps (which are called full cover caps) are becoming more and more popular as they not only cover the flue but the entire crown. Many of them also have a nice drip edge to keep as much water away from the chimney brick as possible. This is just another precaution to protect the overall system from water entry.

Full cover caps can be rather expensive, though. Are they worth it?

When you compare their cost to what it would cost after water has thoroughly damaged a chimney system, yes – they’re well worth every cent spent. Fun fact: After major weather events, many insurance companies insist on full cover caps after the repairs in order to maintain coverage. Of course, you will need to check with your own insurance company to verify your coverage.

New Stock photo of chimney cap with homes and trees in the background. cap and cover with homes and trees in the background.

Types of Chimney Caps

So, are there different types of caps to choose from? You bet. Here’s a lowdown on each.

Single-Flue Chimney Cap

A single-flue cap fits over just one opening on a chimney and comes in a variety of sizes to fit each individual home’s needs. The material it is made from can be aluminum mesh or even steel mesh, both of which effectively vents air and particles from your fireplace. In general, installing a single flue cap will help keep your firebox clean and safe for years to come.

Multi-Flue Chimney Cap

The design of a multi-flue chimney cap differs from single flue cap because they have separate components for each individual vent on top of the structure – often referred to as “pots.” These pieces allow for more precise control and keep smoke from going in different directions, ensuring that you stay warmer and safer all winter long.

Top-Mount Chimney Cap

A top-mount chimney cap is a great device to have installed on your home. It acts as an essential protective barrier between animals, debris, and moisture, preventing these harmful things from entering the smoke chamber and flue in your chimney system.

Full-Cover Chimney Cap

A full-cover chimney cap protects the entire top of your chimney system, including the flue, crown, and brick and mortar sides. It is custom-made of heavy-duty metal, and it protects the entire chimney from rain, snow, debris, animals, and birds.

Wind-Directional Chimney Cap

A wind-directional chimney cap is an invaluable tool for improving airflow in a home with a fireplace. It’s specially designed to ensure your fireplace draws smoke up and away from the home, preventing it from entering the living space or lingering on the exterior of your house. Installing one can also eliminate back-puffing, which occurs when smoke moves around breezy rooms or outdoors, then comes back through windows or other openings in the home.

These caps can also keep out animals, leaves, and debris while still allowing fireplaces to still draw air when required. In addition to keeping air quality safe, a wind-directional chimney cap also decreases moisture buildup in the flue, which could cause corrosion over time.

Decorative Chimney Cap

A decorative chimney cap is a unique, eye-catching cap for your chimney and you can purchase single, multi, top-mount, and full coverage caps that also meet this type. These chimney caps are an aesthetically pleasing alternative to standard chimney caps and can add value to the exterior of your home.

Decorative chimney caps are available in a range of contemporary and traditional styles, designs, shapes, metals, and finishes. Made from high-quality materials such as aluminum and copper, these caps will last for years, while ensuring reliable protection against rain, snow, and debris. Some even feature built-in spark arrestors that prevent sparks from exiting the flue pipe and entering your home or yard.

Looking for the Perfect Cap? We Can Help

Chimney caps come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. Whether you’re looking for something more decorative (in addition to being functional) or just want a standard and simple cover, we can help you find something that fits your needs. One thing stands true, no matter which type you purchase, though – investing in a quality chimney cap now could save you significant time and money down the line.

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A chase cover is one of the components that can help fix chimney leaks in your prefabricated chimney. Ask us for details.