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A chimney crown is an essential part of a chimney system. The crown seals the top of the chimney, while ensuring that smoke is able to exit the home safely. It also helps protect the brick and mortar sides of your structure from moisture, weather elements, and debris.

Chimney crowns are typically made out of concrete or masonry materials. Here in Montgomery County, we see a lot of crowns that were not poured correctly and do not have a rain edge – which is vital for leading the water away from the chimney brick and onto the roof. Another issue we see are crowns that have cracks going through them, which allows water to reach the inside of the chimney. 

Unfortunately, most homeowners – and some home inspectors – are not willing to or are unable to get on the roof and inspect the crown… meaning this vital part of the chimney can erode and deteriorate for quite some time before receiving proper care. Because of this, booking an annual inspection with a team of certified sweeps is a must.

Chimney Crown - Before Rebuild with black spalling, caps and flues crooked and falling off the top.  Fall trees in the background.

Chimney Crown – Before Rebuild

Stock photo of Chimney crown flues and caps after rebuild with winter trees in the background.

Chimney Crown – After Rebuild

Can I Repair My Chimney Crown Myself?

Sure – technically, you can attempt a repair to the chimney crown yourself. But do you really want to?

  • The first thing is to gather all the tools you will need. You’ll need a hammer, chisel, mason’s trowel, and concrete to complete the project.
  • To begin, you must inspect the crown for any loose or crumbling mortar and then scrape it out with your chisel.
  • Once all damaged sections are cleared, mix a batch of concrete mix according to the manufacturer’s directions and apply it evenly across the surface using your mason’s trowel – all while on the roof.
  • Carefully smooth and align the mortar until you have a flat patch that adheres securely to the existing stone.
  • Allow the patch to dry completely before inspecting the work to ensure it is structurally strong and free of damage.

Sounds easy enough. However, you will need safety equipment for managing the ladder, getting up and down off the roof, and protecting your head and body (think hard hats, safety glasses, gloves, etc.), and you’ll need to be harnessed in, just in case you fall off the roof hauling a bucket of mortar or cement up the ladder.

So, while you can do this yourself, we highly recommend you don’t. Let those of us who do this every day and are trained and certified handle it all. Not only are we well-versed in the products and procedures, but also in all the appropriate safety precautions, so the job gets done correctly and without injury.

What Are the Risks of Delaying Chimney Crown Repairs?’

Crown repairs are an important job that should not be postponed. If the crown is left damaged, it’s a place water can easily get into your system, having serious consequences for your home’s safety and integrity.

By not addressing the cracks, deterioration or discolorations of the crown, water is able to enter the underlying masonry and cause costly damage. As time passes, water decreases the integrity of the chimney structure itself, making it susceptible to collapsing in severe weather conditions.

Water exposure also leads to corrosion of connected metal elements such as vent piping and dampers, further compromising safety. Additionally, mold and mildew accumulate in areas wetted by roof runoff, creating an environment that’s hazardous to breathe in, not just for inhabitants, but even pets. Therefore it is essential to address any issues with your chimney crown before problems multiply and cause you larger repair costs down the line.

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