Book Your Chimney & Fireplace Services With Our Certified Crew

Booking regular chimney and fireplace services ensures your system gets the repairs and replacement parts it needs as swiftly as possible – helping you avoid dangerous and costly issues down the line. Montgomery County homeowners can count on us for a long list of chimney and fireplace services. Call on our experienced, friendly, and knowledgeable crew for it all.

Stock photo of tech vacuuming out fireplace.  The Fireplace is built of stone.  There is a tarp on the floor
Stock photo of new chimney cap and new crown with trees in the background.
Stock photo of beautifully designed victorian style fireplace.  Tools are on the left.

We Offer Cleanings & Inspections

Chimney cleanings and inspections should be done annually to keep your fireplace working as safely and efficiently as possible. Fireplaces are enjoyable and cozy, but it’s easy to forget the seriousness of them amidst all the comfort – always remember that a fire is being lit inside of your home, so all appropriate precautions should be taken. Annual inspections – and camera inspections – minimize the risk of experiencing hazards significantly.

We also service gas fireplaces, so be sure to call out for this too. Oftentimes, homeowners assume their low-maintenance gas fireplace doesn’t need as much professional care, but these systems also require annual inspections to stay in tip-top condition.


We provide fireplace installation services throughout Montgomery County, so call Chimney Masters today for dependable, friendly service.