Chimney Masters Can Reline Chimneys in Bethesda

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Bethesda is one of the best places to live in Montgomery County. From parks to coffee shops to great local restaurants, there’s no shortage of things to do here. Do you like spending time outdoors? Bethesda offers Cabin John Regional Park and McCrillis Gardens. History more of your thing? No problem – there’s Lockhouse 6 to explore. Or, if art makes you happy, you can check out Waverly Street Gallery.

All that said, we aren’t immune to inclement weather – especially in winter and fall – so if getting outdoors is your agenda, be sure to check the local weather forecast first.

And if rain or snow is keeping you indoors, no worries there, either – that just means it’s a perfect day to enjoy your fireplace. Just make sure it’s up and running right by turning to us for quality services.

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What Is Chimney Relining? Why Is It Important?

Chimney relining is the process of installing a new chimney flue liner inside your chimney structure. This ensures that your house is protected when you build a fire in your fireplace or turn on your gas-fueled system.

Chimney liners prevent corrosive gases and byproducts from damaging your chimney (which will increase your risk of experiencing gas leaks and fire hazards, and it ensures smoke and fumes can move up and out of your system as efficiently as possible too. In addition to this, it keeps the heat from your fires from potentially reaching adjacent woodwork.

Long story short – if you don’t have a liner, or if your current liner is installed incorrectly, it’s time to call in an expert.

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