Need a Replacement Chimney Chase Cover? We’ve Got You Covered

A chimney chase cover is a custom shield that snugly fits the top of a prefabricated flue. These kinds of fireplaces are supplied in cartons and are installed in wooden structures with insulation surrounding them. Additionally, the chimney is frequently framed and can be furnished with siding, stucco, brick, stone, and other substances.

The chase cover has the same function for this kind of appliance as a crown does for a masonry fireplace – it prevents water, leaves, debris, and pesky creatures from infiltrating the flue and chimney shaft, while sending water out and away from the sides of the chase.

The majority of these covers are either aluminum or stainless steel. We always advocate substituting a damaged chase cover with stainless steel, as they have lifelong guarantees (as long as you schedule annual inspections). They also come in custom dimensions and materials other than aluminum and stainless steel, such as copper or lead-coated copper.

Does My Chase Cover Need Replacing?

Check for signs of wear and tear like rust spots or loose pieces. A faulty or non-existent chimney chase cover can potentially allow excess moisture into the flue which can cause hazardous conditions, like roof and structural damage, as well as create a risk of smaller fires caused by sparks and debris entering the wood framing of the house.

Also look for signs of water damage throughout your chimney, as this could indicate your chase cover is damaged and unable to effectively do its job.

What’s the Difference Between Chase Covers & Chimney Caps?

A chimney chase cover, also known as a shroud, is designed to enclose the exposed sides of a chimney that are connected to a prefabricated metal firebox. These covers usually have perforated sides and an angled top which helps deflect rain away from the sides of the structure.

In comparison, a chimney cap is placed on the very top of the flue and serves two main purposes.

  • One is to keep animals or debris from entering the home through the flue.
  • The other is to help prevent outdoor elements like wind and moisture from negatively affecting your fireplace or wood stove inside.

Each type of accessory provides important protection for your fireplace and should be installed correctly by a professional chimney technician for the best performance.

Do I Need a Chimney Cap if I Have a Chase Cover?

Most of the time you will need a chimney cap when you have a chase cover. Chimney caps are designed to block debris from entering the flue and can prevent animals from building nests, as well as help guard against sparks or embers that may escape if there is an open fire. Many include mesh screens that keep out larger pieces of debris, like leaves and sticks.

Having a chase cover also typically protects your chimney from these elements, but there is an opening for the flue and a cap will provide additional layers of defense so you can ensure your chimney remains clear and efficient. If in doubt, it’s advisable to consult with an experienced chimney sweep, like the team members here at Chimney Masters in Montgomery County, before making any decisions.

Who Do You Call for All Your Chimney Needs?

If you are unsure about whether to replace or repair your chimney chase cover or have any other chimney or fireplace questions, call Chimney Masters and we’ll send out a certified chimney technician to look things over. Our team members can inspect the chase cover and appliance, so you will know the condition of your system. And if you need any additional leak repairs or chimney maintenance, we can help with those too.

Replacing your chimney chase cover can be an important step in maintaining your home, so don’t delay if you think something isn’t right. Call 301-972-9158 or schedule an appointment online today.


A damaged or crumbling chimney crown could be the source of your chimney leak and it’s somethiong we can repair or replace for you to make things right.